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All the enabled gateways which are compatible with Upstroke are shown in this list.

Select the gateways for which you want to run post purchase one click offers.

Upstroke only shows the list of gateways its compatible with.




What happens if I have two gateways and only one of them is compatible?

Upstroke will smartly tackle this scenario. If you have multiple gateways and only one of theme is compatible , upsell offers will only show when purchase happens through compatible gateway.


Which gateways are you compatible with?

At this point Upstroke is compatible with  PayPal, CIM, Braintree Credit Card, Braintree by PayPal, Stripe Credit Card, Cash on Delivery, Bank Transfer and cheque transfer.

To know more about compatibility read this guide.


I am unable to see my gateway?

If you are unable to find gateway in the list check WooCommerce Settings>Checkout to see gateway is enabled. Also we only show list of gateways we are compatible with.