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Offer Settings

There are some additional settings that you need to configure at the offer level in UpStroke.

When you scroll down on the offer page after adding an item, you’ll be able to see those:

Let’s explore these settings one-by-one.

Dynamic Offer Path

You’ll be able to see this setting only when you have multiple offers in your funnel.

You can have separate offer branches/paths on the acceptance/rejection of the first upsell offer.

In other words, the sequence of your offers doesn’t have to be linear.

So you can create a tree of offers with each offer having independent branches: for accept and reject.

So this is exactly what you can set up under the Offer-Settings area.

Simply check the Dynamic Offer Path box.

Then choose an offer from the drop-down that you want to show your prospects when they accept/reject the current offer.

Or, you can even choose to direct them to the Thank you page.

Take a look:

Ask Confirmation

This feature helps prevent accidental purchases and it’s just a double confirm option. Of course, turning it on is optional.

On accepting the offer, a side panel shows up, on which the user is asked to click on the CTA button once again.

When they confirm it, the item gets added to their order.

So you can choose to enable or disable this option here.

Skip Offer

This option lets you skip this offer.

You can choose this option to apply in case it exists in their main order and/or they’ve bought the item(s) in the past.

So you can choose to either enable one of the two options or both of them.

To know more about how UpStroke knows whether the item was ever purchased by that user in the past or not, click here.

Tracking Code

UpStroke lets you add tracking code to your offers so you can track upsell sales from your ads.

You can add separate tracking scripts for viewing the offer and accepting the offer.

Quantity Selector

Enable this option to let users select the quantity of the item(s) they’re buying.

Simply click on the checkbox to enable it.

Terminate Funnel

You can choose to terminate the funnel when users accept/reject this offer.

When you terminate the funnel, they’ll be redirected to the Thank You page.

This setting is especially useful when you have multiple upsell offers in your funnel.

Once done, hit the ‘Save Offer’ button to save the offer-settings.

There you go!

So these are all the settings that are possible for each offer that you set up in your funnel.