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Offer Settings

Offer Settings

Ask Confirmation

You can ask for confirmation every time user accepts an offer. A confirmation box gets triggered which shows line item summary of order and a call to action.

The UI has been kept similar to how sliding cart functions.

Once user confirms, the item is charged.

This feature can avoid accidental purchases but can reduce the conversions. You would have to do a bit of testing to see if you want to turn on this feature.

Skip Offer

When this is checked Offer will be skipped if the products in primary order match the products in this offer.

Terminate Funnel

Using this setting, you can terminate the funnel and redirect to user directly to Thank You Page based on if offer is accepted or rejected or both.

This is usually helpful in when there are multiple offers in upsell funnels.


Let’s say you have multi-step funnel like this:

Upsell 1 >Dowsell 1> Upsell 2> Thank You Page

You may want to terminate funnel if the buyer has already accepted Upsell 1.

In this case use, this setting Terminate Funnel “If Offer Is Accepted” and user will land on thank you page

Regular flow will continue in case user declines the offer.


Tracking Code

You can add tracking code

1. When user views the offer page : Tracking code is added on offer page

2. When user accepts the offer : Tracking code is added on next page in the funnel. It could be next offer or thank you page.

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