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Rules is a powerful feature of Upstroke. It allows you to trigger different upsell funnels based on different conditions.

There are two types of Rules:

  1. Product Rules
  2. Advanced Rules

Product Rules

Allows you to set conditions based on products/ items in buyer’s order:

  • Products
  • Product Tags
  • Product Category

For instance you can run a specific Upsell funnel when buyer purchases products from certain categories or tags.

Here is an example:

The funnel will trigger when items in order belong to category Albums & Clothing

You can create complex rules to trigger funnel using Advanced Rules


Advanced Rules

Allows you to set specific conditions (AND/OR) for order attributes, customers, geography , date/time and funnel:


  • Total
  • Item Count
  • Coupons
  • Payment Gateway
  • Shipping Method


  • Is User First Order
  • Customer
  • Customer User Role


  • Shipping Country
  • Billing Country

Date Time

  • Day
  • Date
  • Time


  • Skip Funnel If User Has Previously Seen the Funnel

Few Use Cases

        • Show Specific Offers based on country. Let’s say your store does International shipping and you want your offer prices & shipping cost to be tailored, as per billing / shipping country you can use this rule.

        • Do not trigger funnel or trigger a specific funnel if user has applied coupon code. Let’s say the buyer has availed coupon “20OFF” and you may want to not show a particular offer OR show another offer.

    • Trigger Funnel If User is First Time Customer

    There are endless possibilities. Use your imagination to create highly targeted upsell offers 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Let’s say a customer makes a purchase and there are two separate upsell funnels associated with his cart. Which upsell funnel will the customer see? 

A. Great question. So there could be a case where a customer bought product A and B. Both the products have two distinct funnels associated with them in UpStroke. In this case, the funnel that has a higher priority will get triggered. You can set priorities in UpStroke and feed the decision into the system.

Go to Funnel Settings>Priority to manage the priority of funnel.

Priority Range– 1 is the funnel with highest priority and the priority decreases as the number increases. So let’s say again there are two funnels associated with a customer’s cart, the one with greater priority (smaller the number) will get precedence over the other.


Watch this Video to See Rules in Action


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