How to Build a Global Checkout Using WooFunnels

Tavleen Kaur
December 24, 2020
How to Build a Global Checkout Using WooFunnels

Looking to replace your default WooCommerce Checkout page with a global Checkout?

The default Checkout looks bland, isn't mobile-optimized, and lacks elements that drive conversions. A custom Checkout-built for the storefront can change your game.

If you have a multi-product store where people come in add items to the cart and checkout, then having a custom-built global checkout will allow you to enhance the user's checkout experience.

You don't need to create several checkout pages for your different products.

This post will deeply dive into Global Checkouts and see how you can create one using WooFunnels.

Let’s dive in!

What is a Global Checkout?

A Global checkout is the standard checkout that a customer sees after they add items to their cart and proceed to checkout.

Having a custom-built checkout instead of the default WooCommerce checkout ensures that all your customer’s questions are answered and they don’t feel anxious at any step of the checkout process.

The page needs to look credible for the users to make the payment without any doubts.

Why Do You Need a Global Checkout Built with WooFunnels

Global checkout applies to all the products on the website.

The default WooCommerce checkout meets the basic necessities of a checkout page but doesn’t allow the users any control over their purchase once they get to the checkout page.

On the other hand, the WooFunnels checkout page gives the users complete control over their cart and payment.

Before paying for products on the Global checkout page, you can view the images of the products to confirm that you’re buying the right items.

You can adjust the quantity of the products in your cart, delete the products, and even undo deleted items all on the checkout page.

Testimonials displayed on the page also strengthen the claims of the offer. Bullet points about why they should buy from you and a guarantee seal just drive the point home even more.

WooFunnels has a collapsible order summary option that saves space on the screen for other details and form fields to be shown.

Single-Step vs Multi-Step Checkout

This is an age-old debate. Is a single-step global checkout better than a multi-step one? Or is it the other way around?

While a single-step checkout has all the required information available for the users to scan in one glance, a multi-step checkout breaks down the information into digestible chunks, making it easier for the customer to navigate.

If you are selling digital products, it has been noted that a single-step Checkout may work better for you simply because the form fields are lesser. You don't need a shipping method and address details from the user.

However, for physical products, a multi-step global Checkout can convert higher!

Global Checkout Templates

WooFunnels offers you a range of professionally built Global Checkout templates to replace the default WooCommerce Checkout Page.

Every template has a mini cart with a header, footer, a place for your company logo, and so much more.

Let's look at a few of our very popular and high converting Global Checkout templates:


As the name suggests, this template is designed very minimalistically with all the necessary elements displayed over a plain white background.

Different sections are separated by border and margin to make the global checkout page look clutter-free.

This page shows the checkout form parallel to the page's trust-building components, ensuring the customers of their purchase.

You can use the Minimalist template for your storefront by making a few customizations like changing the color of the header, brand color, and logo.


This Shopify style checkout template is one of our most loved checkouts.

You can view the order summary before making the payments, and in addition to that, even adjust the product quantities.

It is a very easy checkout page to navigate. And with a 'Why Buy From Us' section and guarantee seals, this page is very convincing.


The Classic global checkout template has a clean design that does not overwhelm the users.

The order summary shown right next to the checkout form gives the user a chance to modify and confirm the products before paying.

The 'Why Us?' section pacifies any doubt the buyer might have about the brand and convinces them about their purchase.

With a simple and convincing design, Classic is another popular Global Checkout template.

How to Create and Customize a Global Checkout Page?

You can create and customize a Global checkout page for your WooCommerce store easily with WooFunnels. This is how you can do it:

Step 1: Add a Funnel

Click on the Add New button on the Funnel page to add a new funnel.

Enter the name of your funnel and click on Add.

Step 2: Create Your Funnel

From the template option shown on the page, choose ‘Create You Funnel’ to have a blank canvas, to begin with.

Step 3: Add the Checkout Step

Click on Add New Step to add a page to your blank funnel.

Choose Checkout Page from the Steps options shown.

Once you’ve added the page, you need to name it. Hit 'Create' to finally add the page to the funnel.

Step 4: Import a template

Click on the pencil icon to edit the page.

You’ll again be shown a range of pre-made templates to choose from. Select the one that you like. Or you can even decide to build one from scratch if you wish.

Once you’ve decided on the template of your global checkout, click on the import button begin working on it.

Step 5: Customize the Page

After importing the template of your choice, click on the Edit button you customize the page in Elementor.

WooFunnels offers you two custom build widgets to optimize your checkout pages - Checkout Form and Mini Cart.

Design the page as you want - adjust the form field widths, enable progress bat at the top, and more.

Step 6: Customize Form Fields

In case you wish to add or delete any of the default checkout form fields, you can do that in WooFunnels.

In the Fields tab, you can add a new step, field, or section to the checkout form.

To re-arrange the fields and sections to your liking, drag & drop them around the page.

After that, click on 'Save Changes' once you’re happy with the structure of the global checkout form.

Step 7: Optimize The Checkout Form

Optimizing your checkout form would ensure a smoother checkout experience for your customers.

Add checkout page optimizations like Google Address Autocomplete, Auto Apply Coupon, Express Checkout, Preferred Countries, etc.

First, click on the Optimization tab.

Enable all the optimizations you wish to add to your checkout page and click on Save changes when done.

How to mark the Checkout page a Global Checkout?

Once you have a checkout page in place, let’s apply it to all the products as a Global Checkout.

Step 1: Go to WooFunnels Settings

Click on the WooFunnels tab in the sidebar, and choose the Settings option from the list.

Step 2: Go to the Checkouts Tab

From the option on this page, click on the checkout tab to open it.

From the dropdown menu, find and select the checkout page name you’d designed before to set it as the Global Checkout.

After that, click on Save changes to apply the page as a Global Checkout for all products.

Add AOV-Boosting Offers to the Global Checkout

With WooFunnels, you can add multiple complimentary offers - Order Bumps and One-Click Upsells - that would help you increase the AOV on every purchase.

Adding an Order Bump

An Order Bump is the offer made on the checkout page. It is often a low-dollar, impulse purchase that doesn't require a lot of explanation.

You can add more than one order bumps on the same checkout page. And customers can add whichever bump they like to their cart by clicking on the checkbox.

Let's see how you can add a bump to your global checkout page.

Step 1: Add a Bump

To add a bump to the checkout page, click on + Order Bump next to the checkout page.

A window would open, prompting you to name the order bump. Add the name you want and hit Add.

Step 2: Begin Editing

Click on the pencil icon next to the bump name to begin editing the page.

Step 3: Add Product

The first thing the system would as you to do is add a product to the order bump.

Click on Add product to start.

Search for the product you wish to offer and click on Add Product.

After you’ve added the product, modify the quantity and discount rate to make the offer more appealing.

Click on Save Changes when you’re done.

Important: Only the products already added to WooCommerce can be searched for and added to the Bump.

Step 4: Customize the Bump

To customize the page click on the Design Tab. Here you can change the Bump skin, Copy on the bump, color scheme, and more.

Step 5: Rules and Settings

You can define when a particular order bump is added to the checkout page. Be it based on the order total, a specific product added to the cart, or something else.

This ensures that the additional offers are in line with the products being purchased.

Set these conditions under the Rules tab.

In case a single item is linked with multiple bumps, then priority decides which of those will get triggered.

Not only that, even the placement of the bumps can be customized from the Settings tab.

Adding a One-Click Upsell Offer

One-Click Upsells are the offers a customer sees after making the payment, and before landing on the Thank You Page.

The users can accept the offers made on these pages with just one click. They don't even need to enter their payment details again.

Let's learn how to design an Upsell offer for your Global Checkout.

Step 1: Add a Step

Similar to the Checkout Page and the Thank You Page, the Upsell Page will also be added.

First, click on the Add Step button at the bottom of the page.

Step 2: Choose One Click Upsells and Name it

From the steps options, choose One Click Upsells, and name the page.

Step 3: Add Product

Click on the pencil icon to edit the Upsell Page.

The first thing you’d need to do is add a product to this offer and name it.

Then you’d need to add a product to the said offer.

Search and add the product you want to offer on the page.

Modify the quantity of the product and discount rates offered. Also, turn on the Offer toggle to apply it to the checkout page.

You can also add more than one offers. In addition to that, you can interlink them with Dynamic Offer Path

On the acceptance or rejection of an offer, the customer will either be led to another offer or the thank you page, depending on the conditions you define.

Important: Only the products already added to WordPress can be searched for and added to create an Upsell offer.

Step 4: Customize the Page

Similar to the Checkout and Thank You Pages, you need to select a template to present the Upsell offers on.

Click on Design, and import the template that matches the other pages for a more cohesive look.

After adding the template, click on the edit button to customize the page in Elementor.

WooFunnels offer 10 specially designed widgets for you to use and customize the Upsell Page with.

Drag & drop these widgets to the workspace and build the page to your liking. Click on the green Update button once you’re happy with how the page looks.

Step 5: Rules and Settings

Just like with Order Bumps, here also you can set conditions for when to make a particular Upsell offer, and when not.

This is done from the Rules tab.

In Settings, you can choose if you want to merge the upsell with the main order or create a separate order for the upsell.

Not just that, you can set the priority sequence of the Upsell offers, among many other personalizations.

These settings, yet again, ensure a better checkout experience for the customers.

Click on Save changes to lock in all the changes made to the page.

You can even create and customize a Thank You page that follows this Checkout page after the purchase is complete.

Just follow the same steps as you did to build the Checkout Page, and you will have yourself a beautiful Thank You Page to complement the rest of the pages.

There you go! We've finally built our global checkout funnel.

Ready to Swap Your Default Checkout With a Global Checkout By WooFunnels?

A Global Checkout Page with WooFunnels is designed to keep the users in mind.

These pages want to reassure and convince the customers of their purchase and make the whole process easier for them to maneuver through.

We saw how you can design a checkout page and apply as to all the products as a Global Checkout.

Not only that, but we also showed you how you can add additional offers that would help boost up the AOV with every sale.

With WooFunnels you can create Checkout Pages with ease, and customize them to your liking.

Check out the WooFunnels Funnel Builder to learn more and build one for your business now!

Author: Tavleen Kaur
Do you know after Amazon implemented the 1-click buy system, their sales shot up year-on-year hitting $88.9 Billion mark in 2014? Jeff Bezos attributed it to a friction-free & streamlined buying process. At BuildWooFunnels, we're determined to give you the tools you need to do the same in your business. I am Tavleen and I help you get there faster.
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