LearnDash Notifications: How to Automate Student Engagement Emails for Your Course

Tavleen Kaur
September 22, 2020
LearnDash Notifications: How to Automate Student Engagement Emails for Your Course

If you have created an online course website on WordPress using LearnDash, then today we'll show you how to improve course completion & student engagement rates using email notifications.

The online learning sector is booming, and how!

Everything from cooking to coding, gardening to photography, maths to art, and so much more, can be learned virtually anywhere.

It has also been noted that E-learning increases the retention rates by 25% to 60%.

Corona widespread has reinforced the idea that one doesn’t need to be physically in a class to learn something new.

I bet you would want to reap the benefits of this growing industry too. Won’t you?

Let's look at how you can do just that by integrating LearnDash with Autonami to improve your engagement rates.

Why Should You Automate LearnDash Email Notifications?

LearnDash, the WordPress LMS plugin allows you to create visually impressive course content, award grades when a course completes, create quizzes, and do so much more.

But it still lacks the ability to automate your communication with students.

So if you want to trigger LearnDash notifications (via Email/SMS) on a lesson competition - you cannot do that. Nor can you add them to a private group automatically after successful course enrollment.

So while creating well-structured courses and presenting them on beautiful pages is a breeze in LearnDash, it doesn't let you carry the conversation beyond the platform.

However, to make more people sign up and complete your proposed course, you must make the conversations more personalized, automated, and do them on a platform they use most frequently.

It can be via email or SMS or both.

This is where Autonami comes into play.

Autonami is a WordPress/WooCommerce marketing automation engine that allows you to do abandoned cart emails, post-purchase engagement, win-back campaigns, and so much more.

It helps you to convert and retain more customers and is a catalyst to growing your WooCommerce store.

Autonami integrates with LearnDash to provide various options for you to stay connected to your users, outside of the WordPress website.

You can use the tool to send not only a welcome email and SMS but also whenever a user reaches a pre-defined milestone.

The Top 3 LearnDash Notifications to Better Engage with Your Students

There are many ways to automate LearnDash notifications and reach out to the students when they hit different milestones.

Take a look at various milestones you can tap into:

In this post, we'll look at the top three.

#1: After completing the first lesson/quiz of the course

You can send this email to the course taker praising them for completing the first lesson/quiz of the course.
The way to set such action in place is as follows:

And the email can be structured like this:

Hey there,

You just completed your first module of Basics of Writing! Wasn’t that a breeze?!

This week was all about getting your basics right because a strong foundation is the only way you’d be able to build an even stronger structure.

So here is what we learned this week:

  • How to define your target audience?
  • How to determine the tone of the text?
  • What length would be the best for the chosen medium of writing.

Next, we are going to start to analyze different types of writing styles. This would help you find your style of writing, and further solidify your target audience.

If you haven’t already, join us on our Facebook group where we discuss the lessons and answer any questions one may have.

Rooting for you,

Emails such as these not only encourage the user to begin their next lesson right away but also reinforce the learning made so far.

Showing them in bullets all they have learned so far would give them a sense of accomplishment. And telling them about the lesson for next week would give them something to feel excited about and look forward to.

Be sure to encourage them to join your Facebook Community, if you have one. It is a great method to take the conversation forward and build a stronger bond.

You may even want to add them to a common LearnDash group for all students on autopilot. This can be done on Autonami as well:

#2: After taking a quiz during the lesson on LearnDash

You can also send them emails and SMSs after they take a test or a quiz. You can segment users based on the scores they get and set up mails for when someone clears or fails a quiz.

An example of such an email is as follows:

Hey there,

Congratulations on getting 8 points on the latest quiz!

You got 8 out of the 10 questions asked correct on the topic of Tones of Texts.

You can revise and then retake the test here.

We know you can do it!

If you have any questions, drop us an email and we would get back to you at the earliest.

Rooting for you,

Each of the emails sent, need to be affable, and encouraging. Making your course takers feel important, smart, and capable is what will work the most in your favor.

#3: After completing the entire course

You can use the mail sent at the end of the course to congratulate them on finishing a hard course. But it can also be used to upsell other related courses to the consumer.

Any course completion should be encouraged and celebrated in the online world to bridge the physical distance.

You can also offer them discount coupons with limited validity to another course.

A way you could design an upselling email at the end of a course is:

You did it.!! Oh yes, you did.!!

Congratulations on completing the Module - Basics of Writing.

Here is what all you learned in this module:

  • How to find an area of interest.
  • Defining the target audience, and picking the right tone to match.
  • Figuring out your style of writing.

I am so happy for you to have finished this module. It is also a very important one that would definitely help you in the longer run.

Now if you liked this course, you can go ahead and continue to learn more about the same with ‘How to read and review a manuscript?’ course. This advanced course would help you explore the literary world even further.

To help boost your journey a little more, we are offering you a discount of 10% on your next course. Just enter ESave10 on the checkout page to avail the discount, and continue on with your exploration.

Also, please take a moment to review this course here, for other seekers such as yourself.

Rooting for you,

In addition to sending an email, you can send a congratulatory message on Slack or via SMS, remove them from a Slack channel or LearnDash group and do so much more.

To Sum It Up…

LearnDash is an amazing tool to create an online course on WordPress all by itself, but Autonami v1.2 makes the whole experience even better.

It eases the way one can connect with the users and create a strong bond with them - all through automated LearnDash notifications!

Again, maintaining a casual, warm tone will help your students feel connected to you, and they would be more likely to continue taking courses from you.

Now, let’s look at all the times Autonami v1.2 is going to be your savior when trying to connect with your online students:

  • When a student signs up for a particular course: This mail makes the user feel welcomed and motivated to begin.
  • When the student completes a quiz and scores specified points in the same: You can segment users based on their scores and communicate with them accordingly.
  • On completing a specified lesson: You can use this email to summarize all the learnings from the lesson and excite them about what's coming ahead.
  • On completing the course: This opportunity can be used to upsell them access to another course with a discount coupon code.

So go ahead and integrate LearnDash with Autonami to establish and nurture a good bond with your course students and increase user retention and even upsells.

Author: Tavleen Kaur
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