Opt in Page Guide: How to Create an Opt-in Page that Converts in WordPress

Tavleen Kaur
December 21, 2020
Opt in Page Guide: How to Create an Opt-in Page that Converts in WordPress

Want to create an Opt-in page that converts more visitors into leads?

WooFunnels allows you to create conversion-optimized Optin Pages in WordPress with complete ease!

One of the first pages of any sales funnel is an Opt-in page. It's where a user's journey begins.

Once a user signs up, you can leverage email marketing's power to reach out with the right message at the right time to convert them into customers.

This post will cover some opt-in page offer ideas working now, transformative list-building strategies, and look at how to create an opt-in page using WordPress.

Let's get started!

What is an Opt-in Page?

An Optin page, or a Squeeze page, collects the user’s email address in exchange for a free product.

It is the first step of a funnel and allows you to generate leads for email marketing.

Take a look at this opt in page built using one of WooFunnels Opt-in page templates: 

One of the WooFunnels' Opt in page templates

About 73% of site visitors are not sales-ready, so directing them to a sales page will be ineffective.

Adding them to your email list and nurturing them with your product information is more likely to get them to make a purchase decision.

An opt-in page consists of persuasive copy, an opt-in form, a CTA button, clicking which they get added to your email list, and some credible social proofs.

How to Choose the Right Opt-in Offer?

Your opt-in offer or lead magnet must grab attention, reel in the users, and get them to share their email addresses so you can market them.

Let's look at the important things you must keep in mind when thinking of an offer for your opt in page:

Keep it simple

Most marketers over-complicate things and try to overdeliver. The key is not to go overboard with it.

For example, if you are a coach who helps grow Instagram followers, don’t offer the whole course as a lead magnet on their opt-in page.

Give them a cheat sheet on the "Best times to publish a post" or "Tips for creating emotionally engaging Instagram stories".

The idea is to give them a head start on a path that leads towards your paid offering.

Be relatable

As humans, we love to assign meaning to things around us, making it all relatable or personal.

On this page, Jim shares his personal struggles with memory. It helps build a bond between the audience and Jim.

Here are a few lines from the opt in page:

"At the age of five, Jim suffered a head injury that left him with severe learning challenges, and as a result, he would struggle throughout his schooling years."

A story influences how a person thinks, so presenting your copy in a manner that makes it interactive helps!

Induce the fear of missing out

One thing people absolutely hate is being left out of the loop. Not knowing is a great evil that your users would want to avoid.

One way to push the FOMO level high is by providing some compelling testimonials on your opt-in page. This will get you a lot of conversions.

For instance - On another Mindvalley opt-in page, Dr. Srikumar Rao offers his masterclass to battle stress and anxiety.

One of the attendees used these words to describe the masterclass:

The retreat was an experience like no other and a permanent mental screensaver for me.

You can imagine how these lines create a powerful sense of FOMO in the audience.

You should include such powerful themes on your opt in page.

5 Opt-in Offers/Lead Magnets That Work Wonders

Coming up with an opt-in offer idea that appeals to your audience can seem a bit challenging.

You don't want to spend all your time and effort creating something that people don't want to download.

While messaging plays an important role, the actual offer is just as important.

Let's look at some products that can be pretty impressive lead magnets or opt in offers:

#1: Digital Books

eBooks make for great lead magnets. Easy to access, no shipping required, and hard to misplace.

Digital books encourage instant gratification as they are sent to the user when they sign up.

Here's an example from SmartBlogger:

Opt in page offer example from SmartBlogger

So, eBooks, cheat sheets, and swipe files are some great opt in offers to consider!

#2: Workshops / Webinars

Offering a workshop or replaying a webinar for free is sure to get some heads turned.

List out the merits of your offer along with all they’ll learn by the end of the event on your opt in page.

Including a preview of the workshop will work like a charm and help boost conversions.

Here's an example from Mindvalley, where they offer a short 1-minute preview of the workshop:

This would immediately get people hooked, and they'll also get a sense of how you would be teaching them after they sign up.

Again, a great opt in offer idea!

#3: Drip Training

Providing all the content at once can often overwhelm people. Dripping content allows you to break your training into shorter, more manageable chunks.

Watching hours-long content in one sitting is a big commitment. But, 10 minutes a day for a week sounds more doable.

You have to convince people that you're not asking too much of them, and they don't need to make extraordinary efforts to consume your material.

Take a look at a marketing coach's opt-in offer:

An example of opt in page offer by Marketing Coach

We love how she says 16 ultra-short emails to lure people. Also, notice how she calls it a snackable course, letting people know that they're not signing up for something which requires a lot of their time.

You can use such offers on your opt in page.

#4: Free Trial Offer

Allowing your users to test-run the products or services you’re trying to sell is a genius marketing technique.

Giving them a taste of your main products would tell you about the genuinely interested audience.

Take a look at this offer on Traditional Cooking School; it's perfectly aligned with the paid offering:

Opt in page offer example of free trial offer by Traditional Cooking School

If you put an expiry on the free trial, it is likely to get more people to act on the offer to avoid losses.

Brands like Netflix and Spotify also work on this model, making it a brilliant lead magnet.

#5: Challenges

People love challenges, and these days challenges are in trend anyway.

Offer your prospects fixed duration challenges with actual results to look forward to, like - "Grow your Instagram profile by 1000 followers in 10 days".

What particularly makes a challenge interesting is the specificity of the result promised at the end of the engagement.

Here's an opt in page example of a haircare challenge:

Opt in page example for 14 day haircare challenge

Your challenge should be aligned with your audience's goal, a goal they've been struggling to smash on their own.

This gives the users some excitement and builds a sense of connection with the others aiming for the same goal!

Structuring Your Opt-in Page

Certain aspects of an Optin page make it a success among users and generate leads for you.

The structure and the components of the page make the difference in the number of leads a page generates.

Some of these are:

Clear Heading:

On average, 8 out of 20 people would only read the heading, while only two would read the copy as well. So the headline should clearly state the promise made on the page.

Also, make sure to give out bullet points on your opt in page.

For example - “A better social media profile” tells you that the offer is about social media profiles but is not clear and doesn’t make any definitive promise.

On the other hand, “Create a social media profile that generates leads for your biz” clearly tells you what you will get from the opt in offer, leaving no questions unanswered.

Hero Image:

Images speak louder than words, which can be verified by the hero image you choose for your opt-in page.

The hero image should be either product-focused or outcome-focused.

Avoid using stock images because they don’t capture attention.

Pro Tip: If there is an image of a person on the page, and that person in the photo is looking towards the copy on the page, the users will follow their line of sight.

Copy Length:

The text on your opt in page should have value added to it and shouldn’t just be written to increase word count.

The copy should be scannable for the readers’ convenience.

You can either use bullet key points or bold sentences that are important. Writing quick, incomplete sentences can also help shorten the length.

Here's how Henneke from Enchanting Marketing uses bullets and snappy sentences for marketing her lead magnet, which is a free course:

FREE 16-Part Snackable Writing Course
- 16 ultra-short emails with easy-to-implement tips
- Discover the power of the subtle nod and other persuasive tricks
- Learn how to write seductive content and win more business

Opt in Form:

The fewer the form fields, the higher the conversion rates.

Hubspot's study showed that as the number of form fields increased, the conversion rate went down by about 50%.

The ideal number of fields for an opt-in form is 2 (name and email), but these days even one is enough as on most opt in pages, you may only ask for the email addresses and not anything else.

CTA Button:

This ‘Call to Action’ button would direct your users to the next step, so this button needs to stand out from the rest of the page.

No one likes to click on the generic 'Sign up' or 'Submit' or 'Click here' buttons. Your audience has matured beyond that.

Also, a CTA button with first-person copy is more likely to bring in conversions than the third person, like - “Sign Me Up,” “Show Me What’s Inside,” “Send Me the PDF,” and more.

Trust Builders:

Every opt in page of the funnel needs to have some trust-building elements that reassure the product and the seller.

These elements can be social proof like - testimonials, past results, media coverage, your story, and more.

On the waitlist page of "I Will Teach You to be Rich," Ramit shares a 1-minute video talking about the product.

Plus, he shares various media coverage and user testimonials to strengthen confidence on your opt in page.

The Bad and Good Opt-in Page Examples

Let's now look at some examples of opt-in pages. We'll assess these examples based on the design, i.e., the overall look and feel, the clarity of the messaging, and the conversion strategies used. 

Let's begin.

The Bad Examples

Example #1: A verbose headline that misses the mark 

example of a bad opt in page

The page lacks a hero image and does not show people precisely what the offer is.

The headline is too long, making it confusing, and the promise is too big even to believe.

The sticky countdown timer is useless addition to the page because the urgency is not conveyed through the offer.

another example of a bad opt in page

Example #2: A stock image is all you see

The stock image doesn't represent the product being offered and thus is of no use here.

The navigation bar on the top provides the site visitors with excuses to leave the page. The heading of the opt in page is very monotonous that would hardly catch any reader's interest.

With the page's form barely visible testimonials to support the claims made, this page fails to persuade a prospective lead into signing up.

The Good Examples

Example #1: Everything an Optin page needs to convert 

good example of an opt in page

The whole page is clean with a good color selection, and all the sections stand out well.

The hero image shows you what you're getting, and the bullets clearly state what to expect once you sign up. This leaves nothing for speculations.

The CTA button copy is in the first person, and the use of the magic word "free" even on the CTA button is commendable.

This opt in page makes you feel that you're getting something of value at no cost!

Another good example of an opt in page

Example #2: A well-executed strategy

The bright blue and white colors keep the eyes captivated, and the hero image increases the pitch's attractive quotient.

The headline starts with the word 'your,' leveraging the endowment effect's power.

We also loved the specificity of the claim and the smartly weaved-in urgency. Notice how the sub-headline says, "5 things you can do today to..."

You can steal these lines and make them yours, irrespective of your offer. People love to know the small steps they can take this very moment, to get the results they crave!

It just whips them into the action mode.

How to Create an Opt-In Page in WordPress

WooFunnels is the ultimate place for you to build your Optin Funnel in WordPress. It helps you design extremely attractive, high converting Optin pages for your business.

Let's see how you can do just that in no more than 5 Steps!

Step #1: Add a New Funnel

You need to add a new funnel first and begin building the Optin funnel.

Add a new funnel

There are two ways you can go about creating the funnel for opt in page:

  • Pre-Made Templates: We have some beautifully designed Optin page templates for you to choose from. Just choose the Optin option from the top and import the template you like with one click.
  • Create Your Funnel: In case you wish to have a custom flow and build the page from scratch, import the 'Create Your Funnel' template.

Step #2: Add a New Step

If you import a pre-built Optin template, you'd already have an Optin Page and an Optin Thank You, Page, in the funnel.

But, if you decided to go the custom way and imported the blank template, you'd first be asked to add a step to the funnel.

Add some steps to your funnel

Choose the Opt in Step, and name the page when prompted.

Choose the Opt in Step, and name the page when prompted

That's it! Similarly, you can add an Optin Thank You page to the funnel as well.

opt in and confirmation page on your funnel

Step #3: Select and Import the Template

Click on Edit to begin editing your opt in page.

Edit your opt in page

Again you'd be offered two options: pre-built templates, or designing the page from scratch.

You can choose from popup or inline Optin form templates.

  • Popup: Popup templates only have a CTA button on the page, which, when clicked opens the Optin form in a popup window.
  • Inline: On the other hand, Inline templates have the Optin form built into the Optin Page itself.

Choose the template that you like and import it to get started.

Import the opt in page template

Step #4: Customize the Opt in Page Template

WooFunnels deeply integrates with Elementor the page builder. It is quite flexible and offers an in-line visual editing experience.

WooFunnels has some custom widgets built for your Optin pages - Optin Form and Optin Popup.

Customize the Opt in Page Template

You can customize the progress bar, heading, CTA button, and more for your popup form.

Customize the progress bar, heading, CTA button, and more

Customizing the text, typography, color, and alignment among many other features is possible with Elementor.

There is also an option for you to determine how you wish the popup window to appear on the screen. Do you want for it to slide down, slide up, or fade in? Choose it.

Customize the popup effect on your opt in page popup form

Just click on the green Update button once you're happy with the design of your opt in page.

You can customize the Optin Thank You page in the very same manner in Elementor. Design it such that it matches the Optin Page and is on-brand for your business.

Step #5: Test Your Opt in Page and Watch Contacts Activity

Before you publish the Opt in page for the users to engage in, try it out for yourself to confirm if it is working seamlessly.

Click on the Preview button (eye icon) to see the funnel how would be seen by the users.

Preview the funnel

Click on the CTA button to view the Optin form, and then sign-in on the page - Just as your prospective leads would.

You can also view all the people who enter the funnel in the Contacts section. You can see if they accepted your offer or not, and their contact details.

Learn how to integrate signup forms with Autonami to nurture your leads

Ready to Create Your First Opt in Page?

We looked at everything you might need to create a converting Optin Page in WooCommerce. From different opt-in ideas to good and bad examples.

WooFunnels is a one-stop solution for all your funnel needs. You get everything you need to create a high converting Optin page for your business.

Apart from utility-based templates and contacts, another powerful feature of WooFunnels is the A/B Testing.

When it comes to the Opt in pages, changing even headings can make a world of a difference. Our A/B testing lets you test out two variants of an Optin page against one another to see which converts better.

Test the hero image, button copy, design, and more. Imagine the wealth of insights this exercise would help you get about their audience.

It would eliminate a lot of the guesswork, and allow you to come up with ideas that are sure to work with your audience.

So, with access to pre-built templates, amazing features, insights, and analytics, you have everything you need to build an Optin page of your own.

All you need to do now is - pick an idea from the ones listed above, craft a compelling message, and get building your opt in page!

And there's nothing better other than WooFunnels to create beautiful, high-converting opt in page for your opt in funnels.

Author: Tavleen Kaur
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