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WooCommerce Order Bumps: Ideas, Examples, Scripts & Step-by-Step Tutorial

Imagine ordering a burgerūüćĒ and not knowing that extra ham was an option or fries were an option…how would that impact your eating experience?

Not too well. Cross-sells & upsells not only enhance customers’ experience by helping them discover other useful items but also increase profits.

The question is not – “Whether to upsell/cross-sell or not?”

The question is where, on what page.

In this post I show you how to do it on the checkout pages because that’s where your prospects are most attentive, compared to any other page in their purchase journey.

You can pitch relevant offers on the checkout page & increase your order value with WooCommerce Order Bumps.

Let’s learn more about them.

What are Order Bumps in WooCommerce?

Order Bump is a small element on your checkout page with a checkbox that the user can tick to add the item to their order.

See how a typical Order Bump works on the WooCommerce Checkout page.

Most businesses cross-sell items on the product pages. But the customer is not even sure about the main purchase here.

 They can be distracted by your pitch of related products. 

You want them to first select the right burger then show the fries or offer a deal on the two. 

The best place to cross-sell hence, is on the checkout page because: 

ūüĎČThe customer has mentally purchased the item

ūüĎČThey’re most attentive here

ūüĎČYou know exactly what they’re buying

Order Bumps are everywhere…

If you’ve been to a coffee shop and ordered some cold coffee¬†and have been asked by the¬†waiter to add some ice¬†cream to your cold coffee, then you have¬† experienced order bumps.

If you’ve added some extra beacon or meatballs to your Subway sandwich you have experienced order bumps.

So order bumps are quite successful in the offline world and they increase the average order value of a business by about 20-30%.

In next section, we’ll discuss the underlying mechanics of Order Bumps and why they can work for any type of business.

Alternatively, you can watch this video to learn everything about Order Bumps:

Let’s move forward.

2 Real Reasons Why Order Bumps Are So Slick

There are two main reasons why order bumps are so effective in increasing your average order value.

Reason #1: Psychology of commitment and consistency

As humans we like¬†to be consistent with our choices. So if¬†we’ve taken decision then we like to use¬†it as a reference point to make related¬†choices.

Let me give you an example here:

So let’s say you bought¬†tickets to an event on:

“How¬†to speak more confidently in public”

You would like to achieve that goal faster by saying yes to an order bump which is an audio recordings of that event so that even after you get back home, you can stay consistent with your commitment to speaking in public confidently.

Reason #2: Low dollar offers make for perfect impulse buys

It’s easy to say yes to low-priced items. For example expedited shipping or¬†priority shipping at just about $4 extra.

Or some chewing gums and chocolates at the grocery store at about $5-$10 extra.

Before I explain to you what you can sell as¬†order bump, let’s crack the¬†harder part of the problem first.

Order Bump v/s One Click Upsell: How To Decide What Your Offer Is

One can get confused between if an offer is apt for order bump or one click upsells.

The main difference between an order bump and a one click upsell is the digital real estate needed to explain the offer and convince someone to accept the bump.

Here is the golden rule:

If you can explain bump offer in just about 4-5 lines then it’s an order bump but if you need a dedicated sales page or landing page to explain the details of the offer to sell it then it’s a one click upsell.

The Simple Formula To Write A High-Converting Order Bump Copy

There’s a writing framework that you can follow to craft your order bump copy.

It’s called the AIDA.

A – Capture their attention

IРGrab their Interest by telling them the single most important benefit of the product

D РTrigger their desire by telling them that either the product is exclusive or discount is not available elsewhere

A- Ask for action.

Let’s take few examples from different niches to apply this formula.

Order Bump Examples

Example#1:¬†Physical store that’s selling expedited shipping as an order bump

Here’s the order bump copy:

It follows the AIDA framework:

Attention – Yes I want my order even faster!

Interest РPriority processing, only $3.59 dollars

Desire РGet your order 24 hours faster. It will be the first in line

Action – Check the box

Example#2: Digital product seller selling a training course

Take a look at the order bump:

5 Easy Order Bump Ideas For You 

Do you sell physical products through your store?

Here are a few interesting ideas for you:

  1. Complementary products are those that complement the main purchase – These are not essential for the main product to work but they add value. For example – cleaning kit with a bottle or with leather shoes.
  2. Subscription-based products are those that need a constant renewal. A pack of supplements, household supply, ointments etc. are products of regular use. They are not one and done products, one needs to buy them every month and keep the supply in stock. So you can upsell ‘subscribe and save’ option as an order bump.

Take a look at this example for beers on subscription:

3. Warranty makes for a great order bump. People have an inherent need to protect their purchase and a warranty helps them achieve that goal.

Here’s an example for warranty as an order bump:

4. Expedited shipping is a no-brainer order bump. No matter what you sell, you can use faster shipping as a way to make your shoppers shell out a few dollars extra. But make sure you deliver fast as promised.

Or just let them know that normally shipping takes X days but if they tick the box, it’ll be quicker.

5. Finally, you can upsell limited edition products. Tell your prospects that the supplies are limited or you’ve only got a 100 of those to sell. Exclusivity is a money-attractive magnet.

Here are a few ideas for digital products:

Here’s an order bump example for an information product i.e. a course on public speaking:

How To Set Up WooCommerce Order Bumps with WooFunnels

Here are 4 simple steps to set up order bump on the checkout page:

  1. Set up rules i.e. a set of conditions which when met, the order bump will be shown on the checkout page
  2. Select the product to upsell as an order bump
  3. Configure the order bump element and style it
  4. Set the priority of the order bump

Watch this full tutorial to learn how to set up order bump using WooFunnels.

Ready to make your buyers spend more moolah?

If you want to implement order bumps in your WooCommerce store and increase your average order value, I’d encourage you to explore them in detail here – WooCommerce Order Bump¬†.

Also consider swapping low-converting default checkout pages with highly optimized ones and start counting the lost dollars.

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