WooCommerce Order Bump: Ideas, Examples, Scripts & Step-by-Step Tutorial

Tavleen Kaur
July 26, 2021
WooCommerce Order Bump: Ideas, Examples, Scripts & Step-by-Step Tutorial

Wondering what an order bump is?

Imagine ordering a burger? and being immediately asked by the waiter if you'd like some fries with it.

That's an order bump in the real world.

Order bumps enhance the customer experience in the offline and the online world.

So the question is not whether you should pitch a bump or not, but what should your offer be and how you can write a persuasive copy to sell it.

In this post, we'll cover everything in detail about WooCommerce order bumps. So let's dive right in.

What Exactly is Order Bump in WooCommerce?

Order Bump is a complimentary item pitched on the checkout page that the user can add to their order with a single click.

See how a typical Order Bump looks on a two-step WooCommerce Checkout page.

Many business owners prefer to cross-sell items on the product page, but that's not a great strategy. The site visitor might still be deciding with their purchase, so yet another pitch can be distracting.

First, let them select the right burger, then show the fries or offer a deal on the two.

Hence, the best place to cross-sell products is on the checkout page. Simply because:

  • The customer has mentally purchased the item
  • They're most attentive at this step
  • And you know exactly what they're buying, so you can offer related items

Order Bumps are Everywhere...

McDonald's uses order bumps. Starbucks does. And so do Subway and many other big retailers you shop from!

Order bumps are quite successful in the offline world, and they increase the average order value of any business by 10-30%.

And our success stories tell us they're quite a hit in the online world too!

Watch this video to get some ideas on what to cross-sell as an order bump:

Let's look at the two main reasons why order bumps convert.

2 Real Reasons Why Order Bumps Are So Slick

There are two main reasons why order bumps are so effective in increasing your average order value.

Reason #1: Psychology of commitment and consistency

As humans, we like to be consistent with our choices. So if we've taken a decision, we like to use it as a reference point to make related choices.

Let me give you an example here:

So let's say you bought tickets to an event on: "How to speak more confidently in public." Won't you love audio recordings of the event so that you can tune in whenever you want?

For most people who attended the event, this would be a no-brainer.

So the real question is - are you squeezing the most out of every sale or not?

Reason #2: Low-dollar offers make for perfect impulse buys

An impulse buy is a brilliant phenomenon that eCommerce store owners can make the most of.

How many times do you think before adding chocolates and gum to your cart in the grocery store?

The decision is fairly spontaneous and doesn't require you to consult anyone. That's why low-dollar order bumps are the easiest to sell.

Now let's look at how you can distinguish between an order bump and a one-click upsell.

Order Bump v/s One Click Upsell

Not sure whether your offer should be an order bump or a one-click upsell?

Worry not. This section will help you make that distinction.

A one-click upsell is a post-purchase upsell offer. After a user has made the main purchase, their card gets tokenized, and they can accept the upsell offer(s) with a single click.

An order bump, on the other hand, is an offer made on the checkout page. It happens before the payment for the main purchase has been deducted.

To decide whether your offer is a one-click upsell or an order bump, follow this golden rule:

If you can explain an offer in just about 4-5 lines, then it's an order bump. But, if you need a dedicated page to explain the details of the offer, then it's a one-click upsell.

How To Write High-Converting Order Bump Copy
(The 4G Formula)

The simple mantra for writing the order bump copy is our 4G formula. You can use it to write an order bump copy in literally a few minutes.

Here's the copy we wrote for a client who recorded a 43% conversion rate on the bump:

Here are the four components of it:

#1: Grab Attention

The best way to grab the attention of your prospects is to place the order bump at the right position.

We highly recommend placing it above the big and bold CTA button because that's where people are the most attentive.

#2: Get a Nod

You can do this by asking a rhetorical question. Involve them in your conversation. Don't just share a bunch of facts.

For example, here we say:

"What could be better than learning from other people's mistakes?"

#3: Give Desirable Details

Since you don't have the option to insert a video on order bumps - neither can you insert multiple images - make words your arsenal.

Highlight details about the offer/product that make it desirable.

For example, here we say- "Watch me, over-the-shoulder, as I critique and improve..."

#4: Get Action 

The most powerful way to get action is to tell your prospects about the exclusivity of the offer.

Let them know that the discount you are offering here (on order bumps) is not available elsewhere on the site and may only be available for a limited time.

Order Bump Examples

Let's discuss a few order bump examples that you can use.

Example#1: A Video Masterclass 

Here's an example from Robin Sharma. He's pitching exclusive access to video recordings of a 2-day live masterclass.

Take a look:

You can also offer exclusive content like this on your website.

Example#2: Free Trial Offer to a Membership Site

This order bump is our absolute favorite.

It's from our client, Wardee from Traditional Cooking School. Here she pitches a free trial offer to her membership site.

Free stuff always attracts people, so offering a free trial at checkout is bound to grab their attention.

5 Easy Order Bump Ideas To Get a Kickstart

Here are a few interesting order bump ideas for you:

  • Complementary Products - Items that complement the main purchase.  For example - cleaning kit with a bottle or with leather shoes.
  • Subscription-Based Products - Those that need a monthly/bi-monthly or weekly renewal. For example a pack of supplements, household supply, ointments, and other products of regular use.
  • Extended Warranty - Warrant makes a great order bump. People have an inherent need to protect their purchase and a warranty helps them achieve that goal.
  • Fast Shipping - Expedited shipping is a no-brainer order bump. No matter what you sell, you can use faster shipping as a way to make your shoppers shell out a few dollars extra. But make sure you deliver fast as promised.
  • Limited Edition Products - Tell your prospects that the supplies are limited or you've only got a 100 of those to sell. Exclusivity is a sale-attracting magnet.
  • Masterclass / eBook - If your audience likes to learn through digital products or courses, go ahead and offer more help through a pre-recorded masterclass or audio book.

Now that you've decided on the product to add to a bump let's set up an order bump on the Checkout page with WooFunnels.

How To Set Up WooCommerce Order Bumps with WooFunnels

Setting up an order bump on a checkout page is very simple, especially if you've created the checkout with WooFunnels.

WooFunnels is a WordPress plugin that helps you design beautifully converting sales pages, checkout with order bumps, post-purchase upsells, and thank you pages.

Note: You can use the free version of the funnel builder to create opt-in, sales, checkout, and thank you pages, but to add AOV boosting order bumps and one-click upsells, You will need to get the pro version.

Let's look at how to add an order bump:

Step 1: Add a New Funnel

The first step of adding an order bump is to design a checkout page for your store.

To add a checkout, go to WooFunnels > Funnels. There, click on Add New and name the funnel.

Step 2: Add a Checkout to the Funnel

After naming the funnel, import a checkout page template from the options provided. Here we are importing a Two-Step Mentor Checkout Page template in Elementor.

Or you can even import a blank funnel and add the checkout step separately.

You can create a global checkout for your storefront following the steps mentioned in our Global Checkout post.

Step 3: Add an Order Bump

After you've designed a checkout page, click on + Order Bump and name the bump.

Step 4: Add Product to the Bump

On the next page select and add the product you want to offer as a bump. Like here we have added a complementary course.

You can add more than one product to the same bump as well.

WooFunnels even has the facility to let you sell variable products as a bump, allowing the customer to choose the variation of the product they wish to buy. For example - the color and size of clothes, etc.

Step 5: Customize the Bump

Go into the Design tab to select a bump skin for the offer and even customize the content and style of the bump.

You can even edit the content that is displayed on the order bump for better conversion.

And style it too.

Finally, in the settings tab, you can decide the priority and placement of the bump.

The priority number assists in deciding which bump to display in case two or more bumps qualify for a particular checkout. Priority #1 is considered the highest.

While position allows you to decide where exactly on the page should the bump be positioned.

Step 6: Add Rules

Rules are the conditions you set, that only when met would allow the users to view the order bump offer.

If you're creating a product-specific checkout page, the bump will only show up on that product's checkout and not on any other checkout page, so it would be smart to offer a relevant and complementary product.

But if you're designing a global checkout, these rules can be used to regulate the bumps that show up on the checkout page, like:

  • Cart contains a particular product
  • Cart total is less than, more than, or equal to a specified threshold
  • Customer location

Among many others.

And that's it. Just save all the changes and your order bump is ready.

Step 7: Preview the Order Bump

To preview the bump and access how it appears on the checkout page, click on the eye icon or the view button next to the checkout page to see how it looks.

When a user lands on the checkout page, this is how it would appear on the page:

Contacts and Analytics

With WooFunnels, you can track the contacts that have entered your funnel along with the breakdown of their purchase behaviour, and their total spends.

Apart from that, you can also study the performance of your checkout and bumps in Analytics.

You can track the page's visits, orders, and revenue at a glance at the top of the page. You also have the ability to select the time period for which the data would be displayed.

After the graphical representation of the funnel and its sales, you can study the individual funnel steps and their views, conversions, revenue, and conversion rate.

Then based on this data you can make amendments to your offers and funnel steps designs to get more conversions.

A/B Test the Order Bump

WooFunnels allows you to A/B test the funnel and its individual pages.

A/B testing is a method of comparing two versions of a funnel page or offer, to determine which one performs better.

With WooFunnels’ A/B testing you can split test order bump's:

  • Content
  • Offers and Discounts
  • Styling
  • Bump Positioning

A/B testing takes the guesswork out of the equation, only providing you with clear numbers and facts to base your decisions on.

Split your audience percentage-wise, be it 50-50 or 60-40, or anything else. 

For example - In the case of testing Order Bumps, you can send the Bump A to half the traffic and Bump B to the other half, before judging which results in more conversions.

To learn more about A/B testing, read our documentation on the same.

Note: A/B Testing is a WooFunnels Add-on that needs to be purchased separately.

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Order bumps can help boost your store's average order value and get better returns on ad spends. But creating an enticing offer is important.

Start with a low-dollar, no-brainer offer and pitch it using the 4G formula. Then work your way up, offering much pricier bumps on the main order.

Explore more about WooCommerce Order Bump here.

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